Ossama M. El-Tayeb, was born in  Cairo 1936 and is Professor Emeritus of Microbiology and Immunology and Director of the Microbial Biotechnology Center at the Faculty of Pharmacy, Cairo University.  He obtained a B.Sc. from Cairo University, an M.S. from Columbia University and a PhD from the University of Wisconsin.   He has since taught at universities in Nigeria, Libya and Hungary, besides his home base in Egypt.   He served as Senior Program Officer for Genetic Resources and Biotechnology at the United Nations Environment Program, 1977-1983.


He is the author of several monographs and articles on science policy and socio-economic dimensions of science and technology and some 120 published original research articles.  He acted as Principal Investigator for several major research projects in Egypt and collaborated with universities in the USA and Sweden.   He supervised many theses for graduate students at several universities He is on the Editorial Board of several scientific journals and on the Boards of several scientific societies.  He has been heavily involved with industrial consultations in Egypt. 


He acted as Chairman or member of the Permanent Committee for evaluation of applicants for professorship of microbiology and immunology (since 1982), and also the Vice-Chairman of the Committee for the Biotechnology Sector (since 1997), both of the Supreme Council of Universities.  He is a member of the Executive Committee for the National Strategy for Biotechnology of the Academy of Scientific Research and Technology.  He is the Head of the Ministerial Committee for Drafting a National Biosafety Legislation of the Ministry of State for Environmental Affairs and acted as the Chief Negotiator for Egypt for the Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety, 1996-2000.  He is also a member of many committees at the ministries of: health, higher education, scientific research, foreign trade, industry, agriculture and environment and of the National Specialized Councils of the Presidency.


He established departments of microbiology at the Faculties of Pharmacy of: Cairo University, the University of Ife (Nigeria), Mansoura University, Zagazig University and Al-Azhar University.  He established the Microbial Biotechnology Center of the Faculty of Pharmacy, Cairo University as an R&D center.


He traveled on official business to some 80 countries world wide, is married to a research professor of chemical engineering with special interest in bioprocess development, with one daughter, two sons and two grandsons.     


Date:             February 2004

Name:           Ossama Mohammad El-Tayeb

Title:              Professor of Microbiology, and

                                 Director of the Microbial Biotechnology Center,

                                Faculty of Pharmacy, Cairo University

Born:           10 November, 1936, Cairo, Egypt

Nationality:  Egyptian

Gender:       Male

Home Address

                    9 Omar Ibn Abdelaziz Street, Mohandeseen, Giza, Cairo, Egypt.  Postal Code: 12411

Office Address:

Faculty of Pharmacy, Cairo University, 51 Kasr El-Aini Street, Cairo, Egypt

Postal Code 1156

Telephone:  code 202 numbers 362-0122, 336 3222, 761 8423

Telex:   20040 Giza UN, 94385 Giza UN

Fax:  (00202) 362-0122, 362-4105, and 3601-614

Email: ,



               B. Pharm. & Pharm. Chem. (Cairo University, Egypt, May 1958)

               MS  - Microbiology  (Columbia University, USA, January 1961)

               Ph.D.  - Microbiology (University of Wisconsin, USA, August 1965)


              Fluent Arabic (mother tongue) and English

              Little knowledge of French.

Countries visited

                USA, Canada, China, Columbia, Spain, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany,

                Yugoslavia, Syria, Bulgaria, Hungary, Austria, Lebanon, Thailand, Czechoslovakia,

                Switzerland, Turkey, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Kenya, Tanzania, Ghana,

                Nigeria, Namibia, Ethiopia, Benin, USSR, Finland, Hong Kong, U.K., Morocco, Italy,

                Libya, United Kingdom,  Singapore, Cuba, Malysia.


Professional Career:

1 -        Resident Pharmacist, Cairo University Hospitals, August 1958 - February 1959            

            Demonstrator in Analytical Chemistry, Cairo University Faculty of Pharmacy,

                     February 1959 - September 1959

             Demonstrator in Microbiology, Cairo University Faculty of Pharmacy,

                    September 1959 - February 1966

            Government of Egypt Graduate Fellowship to the USA,

                    September 1959 – August 1965


2.        Member of Staff, Faculty of Pharmacy, Cairo University, (Microbiology):

                    Lecturer, February 1966 - February 1972

                    Assistant Professor, February 1972 - February 1977

                    Professor, February 1977 - present


3.       Administrative posts, Faculty of Pharmacy, Cairo University:

                  Chairman of the Department of Microbiology, March 1885 - April 1991, October 

                  1992 – August 1997

                  Director of the Microbial Biotechnology Center June 1988 - present

                  Supervisor, Biotechnology Unit of the Center for Applied Research and Advanced    

                  Studies April 1991 - October 1992


Overseas experience:

1.  Egyptian Government Graduate Fellowship to the USA

                September 1959 - August 1965

2.   Visiting Lecturer of Microbiology (University of Ife, Nigeria)

                January - April 1968

3.    Senior Lecturer of Microbiology  (on secondement to University of Ife, Nigeria)

               September 1969 - July 1971

4.   Senior Program Officer for Genetic Resources and Biotechnology at UNEP (on secondement)  July 1977 - August 1983


Teaching experience:

1.  Cairo University:


Undergraduate courses in general and pharmaceutical microbiology, medical

Microbiology and public health.

 Graduate courses covering special topics in pharmaceutical and medical

 Microbiology and biotechnology to students receiving M. Pharm Sc.

(Microbiology and Immunology) degree or Diploma degrees in:



                             Industrial Pharmacy

                             Hospital Pharmacy


2. The University of Ife, Nigeria:


Undergraduate courses in general and pharmaceutical microbiology and in

Pharmaceutics, 1968 and 1969-1971


3.  Arab Medical University, Benghazy, Libya


 Undergraduate courses in drug quality assurance and control, and in   

 pharmaceutical microbiology, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995 1nd 1996


Special academic and professional achievements:


I. Establishment of Departments of Microbiology at the Faculties of Pharmacy at the  

         Universities of Cairo, Mansoura, Zagazig, Al-Azhar (Egypt) and Ife (Nigeria).

2. Establishment of the Microbial Biotechnology Center at the Faculty of Pharmacy, Cairo University

3. Formulation of a viable environmentally sensitive genetic resources and biotechnology Program for the United Nations System in 1982.


Extra curricular activities - Professional:


Member of the following bodies:

   Syndicate of Pharmacists of Egypt

   Egyptian Pharmaceutical Society

   Egyptian Society for Applied Microbiology

   American Society for Microbiology

   Society for Applied Bacteriology (UK)

   Rho Chi Pharmaceutical Society (USA)

   ICSU-CODATA Task Force on a Microbial Strain Data Network

   International Society for Environmental Biotechnology

   Egyptian Pharmacopoeia Commission

   Member of the board, Egyptian Society for Clinical Chemistry (1995 – present)

   Member of the Board, Egyptian Society for Applied Microbiology  (1996 – present)


Extra curricular activities – Supreme Council for Universities - Egypt:

1.       Member of the Permanent Scientific Committee for Promotion to Professorship in  Microbiology (1982 – 1995, 1998- present)

2.    Chairman of the Permanent Scientific Committee for Promotion to Associate 

Professorship And Professorship in Microbiology and Immunology  (1995 – 1998)

3.    Vice-Chairman, National Sectorial Committee on Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering Sciences (1996 -present)


Extra curricular activities – Academy of Scientific Research and Technology - Egypt:

       Member of the following structures of the Academy of Scientific Research and Technology

        National Committee for Microbiological Sciences (1983 - Present)

        Sub-committee for Microbiological Aspects of Environmental Pollution  (1975 -  


        Sub-committee for Applied and Economic Microbiology  (1973 -~1977)

         National Council for Radiation Research and Technology (1972 - 1977)

         Radio-Sterilization Committee of the National Center for Radiation Research    

         Ad hoc Committee on a National Biotechnology Policy (1988)

         National Biotechnology Focal Point for UNIDO`s ICGEB (1992 - present)  

         Corresponding Member for Egypt to the IUMS (Micro­biological standardization

  and  Microbiological Specification for Food)

         Member of the Committee for Drafting a National Strategy on Biotechnology     (1996 – 1997)

         Chairman of the Committee on a National Strategy on Environmental Biotechnology (1996 – 1997)

         Member, Supreme Executive Committee for the National Strategy for Biotechnology And Genetic Engineering (June 2000 – present), and head of the human

         Resources development subcommittee.

Extra curricular activities – Industrial consultations

1.   Consultant to the National Organization for Drug Control and Research – NODCAR (1985 – present)

3.  Consultant on drug quality control and manufacture to Misr Company for Pharmaceuticals (1967, 1971 –1977)

4.   Scientific and operational consultant to Chemical Development Industries – CID (1967 - 1969, 1971 – 1977)

5.  Consultant on GMP and total quality assurance to Chemical Development Industries – CID  (1985 - present)

5.  Consultant on design of sterile pharmaceutical manufacturing area and on production plan for new products to El-Nasr Company for Pharmaceutical Chemicals (1988 - 1989)

6.  Consultant on the establishment of an ethylene oxide sterilization unit at the National Cancer Institute, 1995.

7.  Consultant on the establishment of a biotechnology R&D center for the Egyptian Sugar and Integrated Industries Company, 1995

8.  Consultant on Quality Assurance for  Otsuka (Egypt) Pharmaceuticals (2000-present)


Extra curricular activities – Scientific Journals.


       1.       Member of the Editorial Board of the following journals:

             Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences (Egypt)

             Journal of Drug Research (Egypt)

             Al-Azhar Biomedical Journal

             Al-Azhar Journal of Microbiology

             African Journal of Mycology and Biotechnology

             Egyptian Journal of Biotechnology

             Bulletin of the Faculty of Pharmacy of Cairo University.


2.  Guest Editor for a Special Issue of "Arid Soil Research and Rehabilitation", Volume 3, Number 2, August 1989.


Extra curricular activities – Scientific Meetings.


Member and/or organizer of several expert group meetings relating to the conservation of genetic resources and to biotechnology, notably those resulting in the following reports:


a)     Genetic Resources: An Overview (1980). UNEP, Nairobi.

b)     Biogas Technology in China (1982). UNEP, Nairobi

c)     Workshop on Possible Strain Data Network (1985). UNEP, Nairobi

d)     Animal Genetic Resources: Needs. And Opportunities (1986). UNEP, Nairobi


Extra curricular activities – Official Government of Egypt Advisor.

1.       Head of the Ad hoc Ministerial Committee on a National Strategy for Biotechnology and the Environment, Ministry of Scientific Research (1995 - 1998)

2.       Member of the Ministerial Committee on Education in Biotechnology - Ministry of

     Education (1995 - present)

3.       Member, Ministerial Board on Clinical Diagnostic Laboratory Qualification, Ministry of

     Health (1995 -present)

4.       Advisor on biodiversity issues, Ministry of State for the Environment (2001-present)

5.       Egyptian Focal Point on Biosafety Issues at the Secretariat for the CBD (2001-present)

6.       Member, Genetic Engineering Committee, National Specialized Council for Research and Education of the President`s Office.

7.       Member, National Specialized Council on the Environment of the President`s Office.

8.      Project Coordinator for UNEP-EPA  (Egypt) project on formulation of a framework for biosafety in biotechnology (1998 – 1999)

9.      Representative of Egypt to the negotiations of a protocol on biosafety of biotechnology as part of the Convention of Biological Diversity (1996 – 2000)

10. Author of the biosafety sector of the Egyptian National Environmental Action Plan 2002 – 2017

11.   Member of the Executive Committee on the National Strategy for Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering, Ministry of Scientific Research.  (2001-present)

12.   Vice Chairman, Committee on Biotechnology Sector, Supreme Council of Universities (1998-present)

13.   Chiarman or member of the Permanent Committee for Evaluation of Professorship in Microbiology and Immunology, Supreme Council of Universities (1981-present)

14.   National Focal Point for the Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety 2003- present

15.   Chairman of the Ad Hoc Ministerial Committee for Drafting National Legal Instruments on Biosafety (2004)

16.   Representative of Egypt at the negotiation of "An International Regime on Access and Benefit Sharing of Genetic Diversity and Traditional Knowledge", and of a "regime for liability and re-dress" under the Convention of Biological Diversity and under the Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety (2002-present)


Major research project management experience:


1.  Principal Investigator for the research and development project  "Field Application of Microbial Technologies for Pest and Vector Control and for Degradation of Persistent Chemical Pesticides in the Environment" funded by the United Nations Environment Program (1985 - 1991).

2.  Principal investigator for a joint research project with the University of Connecticut, USA on “Methodology for development of marketable biotechnologies” funded by the Egypt-US Universities Linkage Project – Phase II. (1998 – present)

3.  Principal investigator for the research project “ Development of a process for treatment of industrial effluents with a high content of toxic aromatic compounds” funded by the Ministry of Scientific Research  (1998 –2000)

4.  Principal investigator for a joint research project with Lund University, Sweden on developing a liquid waste management process for an Egyptian coking factory in Cairo (2003-present)


Research publications and graduate student degree supervision:

1.       M.Sc.  Thesis "Studies of Streptococcus pyogenes group A type 25 and its Bacteriophage" (1961), Columbia University.

2.       Ph.D.  Thesis "Studies on side-chain degradation of Steroids by fungi" (1965), University of Wisconsin. 

3.       Supervisor or co-supervisor of 36 theses for M.Sc.  and 19 theses for Ph.D. degrees in Microbiology

4.  Co-Author of some 126 reports of original research in the following fields:

a)       microbiological transformation of drugs and toxic chemicals

b)    drug microbiology and the environment

c)    medical microbiology

d)    microbiological quality assurance and control of drugs

e)    fermentation technology and technology transfer


monographs published:

    1.     Author of monograph "Technologies for microbial degradation of persistent pollutants in Developing countries" (1991). UNEP.

    2.    Author of monograph "The potentiality of biotechnology research and development in North African universities." Report to the Symposium on Biotechnology for Sustainable Development, Nairobi, February 27 - March 3,1989.  UNEP, Nairobi, Kenya.

    3.  Author of chapter:  Access to genetic resources in Egypt.  In: African

Perspectives on genetic Resources – A handbook on laws, policies and institutions.(2003)  K.  Nnadozie, R. Lettington, C. Bruch, S. Bass and S. King (Eds) Environmental Law Institute, Washington, D.C., USA. pp 95-106.

     4.    Author of Chapter:  Technical questions in the sharing of benefits of a complex technology.  In: The Catch: Perspectives in benefit sharing.(2005) The Edmonds Institute, Edmonds, Washington, USA.  pp 243-278.

      5.  Author of scores of policy papers on education, research, technology innovation and/or transfer, and environmental issues for: Cairo University, The National Research Center, The Pharmaceutical Society of Egypt, The Academy of Scientific Research and Technology, The Specialized National Presidential Councils, The Ministry of  State for Environmental Affairs, The Foreign Ministry, The Ministry of Foreign Trade and Industry and the Ministry of Public Health


Areas of specialization of relevance




          Environmental Assessment

          Environmental Education/Training

          Environmental Policy

          Environmental Technology


          Biotechnology Process Development

         Genetic Resources

          Socio-economic and political implications of science and technology

         Higher education policies



Prof. Ossama M. El-Tayeb